Capita – BBC Audience Services


Craig Thompson

Training & Recruitment Executive
Capita - BBC Recruitment Services


Brief Description of what the organisation does:
Audience Services is a department that sits within the BBC Marketing and Audiences division. The Belfast operation is run by the UK’s leading outsourcing company Capita.

We handle the complaints, comments, appreciations, and enquiries the BBC receives via phone calls, e-mails, SMS, and letters. In addition we provide support for issue-related programming, ticketing, advice on how to receive BBC output, as well as providing daily feedback to the BBC on audience reaction.

Brief Description of your role within the organisation:
As a Capita employee working on the Audience Services contract, I'm responsible for the analysis, design, delivery, and evaluation of learning and development activities. This includes facilitating the L&D requirements of Customer Service Agents, Team Managers, Support Teams, along with delivering training to our client the BBC.

I also look after the contract’s recruitment needs. This has included reviewing and overhauling recruitment processes, through to managing large assessment centres, and deciding on the best applicants to meet our needs. I also advise on internal selection processes for promotions and secondments.

Why did you choose to embark on the Foundation Certificate in L&D Practice?
I chose to study the Foundation Certificate in L&D practice because I wanted to development my own skills, knowledge, and competencies. I felt the course would give me a good grounding in a wide range of key areas that would benefit both me and the company.
How did the Foundation Certificate help you in your role the workplace?
The course covered a wide range of HR and L&D topics which made me consider the wider impact on both delegates involved in the activities I am responsible for, and the organisation itself. It also gave me a better awareness of what more I could be doing to help improve L&D within my organisation.
How has your organisation benefited from you completing the Foundation Certificate in L&D Practice?
I have been able to apply learning outcomes from different modules covered within the course to improve processes and how I carry out my duties. My company also have increased confidence in my ability to perform my role to the highest standards because my certificate proves I have the knowledge and skills to perform efficiently and effectively as an L&D professional.
How would you describe your experience working with DMS?
DMS offered a flexible programme ideal for someone as busy as me. I’m passionate about L&D and want to develop my own skills and competencies, but a more rigid programme would have been difficult to commit to at this time. Lynn was able to come on site to my workplace to spend time with me, and kept communication links open night and day. This made a big difference.


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