Chloe Green: 2018 Graduation Ball Special Award Winner

Chloe Green,  Regional HR Consultant at Peninsula Group, Manchester, was announced as winner of the DMS Ireland Special Award for Advanced Level Employment Law at the Graduation Ball on 14th September 2018.  Chloe explains how the investment by her company in her studies means her clients feel reassured and confident in the solutions she provides as a consultant.


Name:                  Chloe Green

Job Title:             Regional HR Consultant

Organisation:    Peninsula Group

Number of years with your organisation company:          2

Brief Description of what the organisation does:  Provides HR/Employment Law, Health and Safety and employment support on a consultancy basis for clients across the country.

Brief Description of your role within the organisation:

My role entails meeting with clients to create and critique their employment documentation. I also advise clients on managing their employees, offering solutions in line with current employment legislation and provide both commercial and best practice options to enable them to deal with their employees efficiently.

I also may conduct Onsite meetings for clients such as disciplinary, grievances or consultation meetings where the client feels uncomfortable to do so.

Why did you choose to embark on the CIPD Qualification with DMS Ireland?

I completed the graduate scheme within my Company and trained to be an Employment Law Advisor. I felt the qualification provided my clients with confidence and trust in me as an Advisor as I already had a HR degree which was also CIPD recognised.

How did the CIPD Qualification help you in your role the workplace?

I feel I can apply both an academic and practical approach in my dealings with clients on a day to day basis. By critically thinking, I am able to apply and combine other crucial HR opinions from various sources.

How has your organisation benefited from you completing the CIPD Qualification?

My clients feel reassured and confident in both me as their consultant and in the Company that the Company is willing to invest in staff and have a workforce which has relevant qualifications to offer the best solutions to their clients.

How would you describe your experience working with DMS?

I feel the support from DMS has been phenomenal and I encourage anyone who is considering doing the qualification to do so – you won’t regret it!

How did it feel to win a Special Award at the DMS Ireland Graduation Ball 2018:

I am absolutely delighted, the trophy is sitting in my office reminded me of a great achievement! I was really surprised to have won the award as I was not expecting it. I travelled home from Ireland with a smile on my face!


The DMS Ireland Special Award for Advanced Level Employment Law was sponsored by Graphite HRM and presented by Moira Grassick, Associate Director.  To find out more about Graphite HRM, please click on the logo above.

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