Introduction Employment Law Programme

For those new to the HR function in a supporting/administration role, it is important to grasp the fundamentals of Employment Law and Employment Relations. The Introduction to Employment Law programme will also help team leaders/supervisors/managers in gaining the essential information needed to ensure day to day practice within the organisation is within employment law requirements.

Intermediate Employment Law Programme

For those who provide advice and manage projects in the HR function/within the business, the Intermediate Employment Law programme is ideal in bringing their knowledge and understanding up to date in order to make informed decisions and support the senior function within the organisation.

Advanced Employment Law Programme

The Advanced Employment Law Programme is ideal for those working at HR Manager/Director/Business Partner level to completely update on their knowledge and application of current employment law requirements and how to embed these on a strategic basis within the organisation.

Accredited/Non-accredited options

We can provide the Employment Law programmes as part of our Masterclass series and/or with CIPD Accreditation at Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced Levels. More information is available on request.

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