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Jayne Wright

HR Consultant
J W Consulting


Number of years with the company:
I have been working as independent HR Consultant for the last 3 years, mainly with the Private and Voluntary sectors, following a 23 year career with Royal Sun Alliance as a HR Consultant covering N Ireland, IOM and Channel Islands.
Brief Description of what the organisation does:
The Companies I work for are mainly SME’s and range in size, nature and purpose.
Brief Description of your role within the organisation:
As a consultant my role can vary within organisations. I predominately work alongside the senior teams within the SME’s to develop their business and HR strategy, ensuring the HR strategy is aligned to, and supporting the main aims and objectives of the organisation. I also work alongside the senior teams to develop the leadership capabilities within the organisation, acting in a coaching capacity to many of the key stakeholders.
Why did you choose to embark on the Advanced Diploma in HRM?
Having worked within the field of HR for many years I wanted to undertake some formal qualifications to underpin my experience. Having looked into many options I felt that the Advanced Diploma in HRM was well suited to HR practitioners with experience within the HR field. This Diploma allows candidates to draw upon, and use their experience whilst underpinning their academic learning. Completing this course through DMS gave me the flexibility of working through the diploma at my own pace, fitting in study with my working commitments.
How did the Advanced Diploma help you in your role in the workplace?
Completing the Advanced Diploma has very much stretched and developed me on a personal level. Learning about the different models, theories, HR research, patterns and trends etc. has encouraged me to think much more widely about the whole HR subject and to develop HR solutions which can demonstrate added value to the business. Developing a network of HR colleagues through this course has been invaluable, gleaning from the experience and knowledge of others regarding good HR practice.
How has your organisation benefited from you completing the Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management?
The advanced level requires the candidates to develop the ability to critically analyse HR subjects. Acquiring this skill together with developing my knowledge and being more up to date with the latest HR thinking, have developed me into a much more rounded and effective HR Professional, benefiting my business partners in their day to business.
How would you describe your experience working with DMS?
Trying to fit study in with a busy working life can be quite challenging, as DMS are a flexible CIPD centre, I was able to work at a pace which suited me. DMS staff are very encouraging and supportive, throughout the course there was a good mix between workshops and one to one support. When starting the modules I found it particularly useful to discuss how I would approach the subject with Lynn e.g. the theories, model and examples which would be relevant to the module. As much of the work is completed in isolation, it was always reassuring to know that Lynn was at the end of the phone to offer advice and guidance.


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