Advanced Level 7 Qualifications

Set at Postgraduate level, Advanced qualifications are the most widely recognised professional qualifications in the field of Human Resources (HR) and the highest level of qualifications we offer.

They will give you a breadth of knowledge alongside the opportunity to specialise in your chosen area of expertise.

Using critical analysis, self-reflection and problem solving techniques, the Advanced Level qualifications enable you to learn how to develop and implement creative and strategic HR solutions that drive organisational performance. You will also be able to develop your understanding of organisations and the external context within which HR operates.

What Advanced Level Qualifications do DMS offer?

  • Award in HR/ L&D
  • Certificate in HR Management/ HR Development
  • Diploma in HR Management/ HR Development

Who is an Advanced Level Qualification with DMS suitable for?

Individuals working as an independent or employed HRM/HRD consultant, supporting organisations in meeting their goals

  • Individuals seeking to enhance and develop their career
  • Individuals responsible for HR decision making within an organisation at either operational, tactical or more strategic level
  • Individuals who are a HR or L&D professional in a team and have a responsibility for HR development

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